Tweeting 101

I have been using Twitter for a while, without really paying much attention to whether or not I was using it correctly. However, having had a tweeting mistake pointed out to me, I started to wonder what else I’d been getting wrong! If, like me, you thought all you had to do was keep your message down to 140 characters, you might find the following pointers helpful.  Continue reading

Study tip: stay hydrated

One of my SMART goals for this 21-day challenge was to increase my fluid, and specifically water, intake.

You will have seen I am an avid tea-drinker, and I have to confess the majority of that is caffeinated tea with it’s inevitable dehydrating effect. I am also aware that I suffer from regular headaches, fatigue and difficulty concentrating: all of which might be improved if I stay hydrated.

As a dentist, I would often tell my patients to ‘drink water or milk’ rather than the alternatives, knowing I really should be heading my own advice. Well. Now I am going to finally start practising what I preached!

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Why this particular PhD?

Once you have decided that you want to do a PhD, an equally important decision is which PhD. I knew broad areas that I would like to work in, but as I was unsure of a specific topic. Therefore, I chose to look for PhD topics being advertised at the University in the topics I was most interested in: oral health and public health.

The post I finally applied for drew my attention for several reasons:-

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Why a PhD?

It’s one of the first questions I was asked at my interview for the ‘Person-centred and Population Oral Health Research Group (PAPOR)’ Scholarship: “Why do you want to do a PhD”?

My answer (the abridged version) was that it was the next step for me in trying to get a job in oral health or public health research.

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